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USB HOST to Ethernet Adapter

(part number PSA1UH1E-12 or PSA1UH1E-5)

USB Host to ethernet adapter, PSA1UH1E

Use to Enhance USB Hand Held Computer Cradles

Portsmith’s USB to ethernet adapter allows you to quickly and easily add ethernet capabilities to most USB handheld devices. Some handheld devices do not have USB HOST capability, the PSA1UH1E acts as the USB HOST and manages the USB and ethernet connection. A simple driver is loaded onto the device which allows the connection to be made. If the Handheld device is capable of a USB Host connection, you should use a PSA1U1E.
The PSA1UH1E also has the ability of Power Pass Through, Meaning you can power a 12 volt (or 5 Volt) cradle or dock from the PSA1UH1E. You no longer require two powersupplies, just one.

Excellent for Primary or Backup Connectivity

Not every application or location needs to have high speed wireless internet access. The PSA1UH1E allows you to connect through ethernet to gain connectivity to your host server or the internet.
Power Pass Through 12Volts OR 5Volts
The adapter can provide 12V or 5V power for a cradle. THIS IS NOT FIELD SELECTABLE AND MUST BE SPECIFIED WHEN ORDERING.
Standard cable is a  5.5 / 2.5mm dc barrel connector

Adapter Kit Contents

The PSAKE1UH1E-12 Kit includes the 12 Volt PSA1UH1E, power supply and 3m ethernet patch cable.
The PSAKE1UH1E-5 Kit includes the 5 Volt PSA1UH1E, power supply and 3m ethernet patch cable.
IF you require a pass through cable , please state when ordering:-
170674-000 - 5.5 /2.5 mm dc power plug, 300mm long
Compatability details on Portsmith Website click here


PSAKE1UH1E Adapter Kits includes:-

  • USB ethernet adapter PSA1UH1E-5/12V

  • 12V Power supply 190362-002

  • 3m Ethernet cable