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Our Bluetooth to Ethernet Adapter solution is part of our daptaPort series of adapters and will be referred to as:





The adapter provides a Bluetooth link to the Ethernet network for up to five (5) handhelds simultaneously.  The adapter is be capable of connecting to the devices when they are within range of the adapter, whether they are docked (in a cradle) or not.  A software application that can run on the devices provides the user with a variety of connection and security options to best meet use case requirements.  This product is a viable Ethernet solution for a wide variety of Android OS, and other devices as we expand and verify devices supported.


We introduced the product at the NRF US industry tradeshow in January 2015 and in Europe at the RBTE Retail Business Technology Expo at Olympia UK in March 2015, and since then has become a device of choice to many customers.


WOW factors

  • TCP/IP Networking - Static IP, DHCP , TCP/IP standards
  • Connection for up to 5 devices
  • Bluetooth 3.0 (soon - currently 2.1)
  • Ethernet Interface - 10/100 mbps RJ45 connection
  • Warm SpotTM Reduced security concerns - as compared to WiFi Hot Spots connectivity. Blue Tooth is less pervasive than WiFi, any attempts to hack into network are easily spotted
  • 10m Range - line of site.
  • Configuration application - PORTDOX
  • Unlimited pairing
  • Automatic connection via a simple application, allows event triggered connection, example
    • Proximity
    • Charging power applied
    • Channel free
    • Many others


  • Point of Sale - Easily add Android and later Apple iOS and Windows Mobile based devices to your network and enjoy the freedom of wireless and the security of short range bluetooth


POE - Power Over Ethernet

  • Remotely power the bluetooth adapter so it can be mounted anywhere
  • Injectors and splitters available


In the Box

Packaged in a kit which includes the bluetooth adapter, international power supply and 3m ethernet patch cable.
European Kit Part No: ‘PSAKE5BT1E’


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