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Synchronise , Charge Terminal and Spare Battery all at the same time


Rugged, Industrial-class, Single-slot Ethernet Cradle • Connect Motorola mobile computers into any Ethernet network
• Tailored design allows one-handed insertion and removal of the mobile computer
• Supports mobile computers deployed in harsh, dirty or extreme environments


“Wired” Ethernet Connection

• Increase efficiency and speed with 10 mbps or 10/100 mbps Ethernet connection
• Provides simple and reliable integration between Motorola mobile computers and the most widely deployed networking technology
• Performance advantage over wireless and modem connection
• Reduced security concerns as compared to wireless connectivity options


USB Connection

• Hardware switchable connection via USB or ethernet


Built on Industry Standards

• Converts the USB port into a standard ethernet connection
• Simple installation and seamless integration with existing network infrastructure
• Compatible with DHCP or Static IP Address assignment
• Minimize support, integration and hardware requirements


Improve Workflow & Productivity

• Users can access and synchronise their data while charging at the same time
• Access files, Local Area Networks (LANs) and the Internet

• Supports server synchronization software

• Charging for spare battery for all versions: MC90xx, MC91xx and MC92xx

Compatability details

Single Slot Ethernet Cradle for Zebra® 

MC9000 / MC9100 / and MC9200 range Hand Held Computers

NOTE PSCMC9100UE is cradle on its own....  


PSCKE9100UE KIT includes cradle

  • Power Supply (190362-002)

  • Ethernet cable 3m long (ENET3M)

  • USB Cable (190191-000)

Mains cord must be purchased seperately