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Using with MC9000 devices:-


1. Load SMSC9500_UCF002_WithWarmboot.CAB Ethernet Cradle Driver and make sure the "Connect to" matches the "Connect to the Internet" in the Connection Manager (either Work or Internet).


2· USB Advanced Functionality should be disabled


3· System – USBConfig must be set to either OTG or Device (not Host)

USB Config has to allow it to be a peripheral, not a Host. 


4.  - If it still does not work, ensure above items are accomplished, disable IdockIt and retest.


Single Slot Ethernet Cradle for Zebra® 

MC9000 / MC9100 / and MC9200 range Hand Held Computers

 For a few specific models (ie. MC9094, MC9097). Usbfn.reg file must be loaded to force USB 2.0 to USB1.1

The Registry file isn’t always required

This is usbfn.reg:-