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Charging Tips when using the PS6SMC35UE

Disable the Ethernet Cradle Driver
On the MC35, you may halt network traffic by disabling the CradlePoint Ethernet Cradle driver. Open the driver by tapping on Start->Programs->Communication->Ethernet Cradle Driver. Tap on the “Enable Cradle Driver” checkbox to clear setting.
To restore the driver after charge is complete, tap on the Enable Cradle Driver checkbox. Then, remove the MC35 from the cradle then reseat into the cradle.

NOTE: A redock is necessary to re-establish network communication.
Switch the cradle to USB mode and disconnect USB cable, if present
You may halt data communication by switching the cradle from Ethernet mode to USB mode. While in USB mode, the USB cable must be disconnected or the computer to which the USB cable is connected must be turned off.
Unplug Ethernet Cable
You may unplug the Ethernet data cable to discontinue the network data traffic. The MC35 releases its data connection, allowing fast charging of the MC35.

This article explains the limitations of the MC35's charging capabilities and gives several ways to work around the problem so that the device will charge more quickly.

Please NOTE the cradles DO NEED to use the power supply that comes with the MC35 OR the power supplies and cables supplied by PPS. If a standard charger is used (with a standard mini USB connector) It wil NOT FAST charge your MC35... 


MC35 Power Management

Due to the design of the MC35 handheld computer, it is not possible to synchronize data and fast charge the device simultaneously. When using a cradle, these MC35 power management limitations become more apparent.


The Symbol MC35 is designed to connect with one cable at a time – either an MC35 power supply / MC35 charging cable or a USB data cable. When introducing a cradle that can manage more than one cable simultaneously, two power management limitations of the MC35 become more obvious. These limitations occur regardless of direct connection or connections through a cradle; these are the function of the MC35 itself.


MC35 does not hibernate when data is active.


When connected via a USB data cable, you may synchronize data between your computer and MC35 using ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Sync Center (Windows Vista). During this USB connection, the MC35 power remains turned on. Although the MC35 charge indicator flashes orange, the MC35 uses more power than it can draw from the USB cable. Thus, the battery discharges over time.


The same occurs when using a cradle with either USB or Ethernet capabilities. When data is actively transmitted to and from the MC35, the device stays powered on. The battery will drain although it indicates it is charging.

MC35 does not fast charge when data is active


Because the MC35 is not designed for concurrent power charging and USB data transmission, the MC35 selects the indicated connection. When synchronizing data with your MC35, data will transfer via USB. However, the power is limited to a trickle charge supported by USB (500mA); it’s unable to additionally draw power from the power supply (2A). The MC35 battery charge will deplete when the USB is connected.


Note: The spare battery charge is unaffected by this MC35 limitation. The spare battery charges at full charge when placed in the spare battery slot.


Charging Tips when using the PS6SMC35U


To ensure your device is adequately charging, MC35 data communication must be disabled. Please follow one of these recommendations for best charging results:

Turn off the computer


You may halt automatic synchronization data requests made by your computer by turning off the computer to which the MC35 and PS6SMC35U are attached. This allows the MC35 to release the data connection so to allow fast charging of the MC35. Not a very practical solution but will show if this is causing a problem.

Unplug USB Data Cable


You may unplug the USB data cable to discontinue the automatic data requests occurring between your computer and the MC35. The MC35 releases its data connection, allowing fast charging of the MC35.

Disable Data Transfer with Microsoft ActiveSync


To disable USB data communication, open the ActiveSync->File->Connection Settings and uncheck "Allow USB Connections". This disables USB sync capabilities and allows the MC35 to quick charge.

Symbol Motorola MC35 Charging Tips and Power Management