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Wired Gigabit Ethernet and Power Delivery For USB-C Devices

Our successful USB-C to Ethernet adapter has been completely redesigned for maximum durability. This award winning adapter provides USB Type C to Gigabit Ethernet plus USB-C power delivery in a completely encapsulated package. Supports up to 5Gbps data rate.

Enterprise Grade

This adapter was designed with durability in mind. The electronics are completely encapsulated, keeping vital components protected from the elements. The design also provides extreme impact resistance and crush resistance and weather durability.

Data Plus Charging

USB Power Delivery specification allows capable devices to charge over USB-C while connected to Ethernet. Just plug your USB-C charging adapter from your device’s manufacturer into the adapter and it will deliver 5-volts DC at 1.5A. (5V Max Input)

No Drivers

The drivers required are already present in most devices with USB-C ports. Just plug the adapter in and the electronics inside adapter and the tablet, hand-held or PC will negotiate the connection automatically.

Future Proof, Repeatable, Stable

With a proven, stable BOM, IT professionals and purchasers can be assured that the product won’t change over time. A unit purchased in 2029 will be identical to one purchased in 2022 – down to the integrated circuit level. Engineered with extensive compatibility in mind, most Android based devices have driver support preinstalled in the operating system. Windows 10/11 and Mac OS personal computers are ready to go.


  • CE & UKCA
  • RoHS 3 and Reach compliant
  • FCC Class-B

Ultra Rugged In-Line USB C to Gigabit  Ethernet Adapter with Power Pass Through



Available part numbers:


PSPA1C1GE-R - Ultra Rugged USBC to Gigabit ethernet adapter