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Ethernet Connection and charging for Samsung Galaxy, Note & Tab

CLICK HERE for information on our USB C to gigabit ethernet adapter

Charge your Samsung Tab A, Tab E and Tab S2 series tablet and have it connected to Ethernet with the daptaPort Desktop or daptaPort Rugged charge kit. 
Simple and effective method to connect your tablet to wired Ethernet and charge it at the same time. 
Keep your battery charged while on extended periods of high speed reliable wired network access. Download and update your tablets overnight with no fear of a dead battery.

Reliable and simple to use

  • Rugged and durable design for enterprise use
  • Uses the existing Samsung power supply and cable
Charge up, connect to Ethernet
 EITHER for USB C type
  • Plug the USB C plug into the tablet and plug the power supply into the adapter

OR for USB micro

  • Connect the daptaPort Desktop or Rugged to your network with an Ethernet cable
  • Connect the daptaPort USB Type A to the charge kit cable USB Type A socket
  • Connect the standard micro USB power cable to the charge kit cable micro USB socket
  • Connect the charge kit cable micro USB to your Tab A, 2 or E
  • Your tablet will be charging and Android will start an Ethernet connection to your network

Kit Contents
daptaPort Desktop (PSA1U1E) or daptaPort Rugged (PSA1U1E-E)
Charge Kit ‘Y’ cable