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Simple and safe charging for the Galaxy Tab Active and new Tab Active 2.

The Portsmith portDox Multidock for the Galaxy Tab Active is an innovative product designed specifically for business and enterprise

When multiple Galaxy Tab Active tablets are deployed and require an enterprise grade multi-bay dock, the Portsmith portDox Galaxy Tab Active offers five docking bays eliminating the requirement for multiple wall chargers for multiple tablets


Reliable and simple to use
  • Durable design for enterprise use
  • Installable on a desktop or optional cabinet
  • Five bays for five Tab Actives in the Samsung supplied protective cover
  • LED’s show charging status at a glance
  • Docking through pogo pins saves wear and tear on tablet USB connector


Safe, protective, power for the dock and the tablet

  • A superior implementation using proven Portsmith technology
  • Slots are ‘off’ until the dock detects a Tab Active inserted protecting the dock from possible short circuit situations on its pogo pins
  • Over current protection shuts down the bay in the event of a fault, protecting the Tab Active if it draws current in excess of its technical ratings
  • End user can easily determine if each Tab Active is charged



Bluetooth to Ethernet adapter (daptaPort Bluetooth Adapter)

  • Where WIFI is not available or not preferred but wired Ethernet is required.
  • Enables five simultaneous Bluetooth to one Ethernet connection to give secure data communications

USB to Ethernet adapter (daptaPort Rugged) ( Tab Active 1 only)

  • Where any wireless in not preferred, but wired Ethernet is required
  • Tethered USB to Ethernet for wired communications to each Tab Active. Can be used while Tab Active is docked



European kit PSP5GTA includes:

  • portDox Galaxy Tab Active dock

  • 12V Power Supply


Mains cord (IEC C13) need to be purchased seperately


Portsmith portDox Tab Active
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active (1 and 2) Five-bay charging dock

COMING SOON Tab Active Pro ( Click Here for details)



Can be mounted in a standard 19" rack or cabinet, simply put the charger or chargers on a shelf.

NOTE There are no longer threaded fixings on the base of the charger