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crossed out wheelie bin

Disposal of WEEE and meaning of the crossed out wheeley bin symbol


In 2002 the European Union introduced the Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The directive requires you as Resller or end-user to dispose of any WEEE separately from other waste.


Electrical and Electronic Equipment is labeled with the following ‘crossed out wheeled bin’ symbol.


WEEE waste may contain hazardous substances that should not end-up in the (human) environment and can have adverse effects if they do. PPS Ltd is assured that no such substances are used in any equipment sold which are all manufactured to the relevant latest RoHS, CE and WEEE regulations.

Batteries are exempt from this regulation, however we can provide a list of suitable recycling agencies.

Furthermore, WEEE is a vast source of rare raw materials. With the ever rising worldwide demand for new equipment and the ever decreasing volume of natural raw materials, letting this potential source go to waste is totally unacceptable.

If equipment is collected separately, the equipment can be recycled and up to 85 to 90% of the equipment can be used in place of new material, saving the use of virgin raw materials and energy for producing these.

For these reasons PPS Ltd is asking you, the Reseller or end-user, to take any waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to your nearest collection facility. If you are unaware of the location of such, please contact  your local authority. They will be able inform you of the disposal options at a facility in your area.


Please contact us if you have any questions on WEEE or would like us to arrange for your WEEE to be disposed of.


Portable Power Solutions Ltd UK WEEE registration number is :-



All relevent marks and indicia are registered with the UK Environment Agency


Distributors and Resellers located in EU memberstates but not in the UK are responsible for the registration of any EEE with local EEE agency.

crossed out wheelie bin
crossed out wheelie bin
crossed out wheelie bin
crossed out wheelie bin
crossed out wheelie bin